Conference Wrap-up

May 11, 2017

Scroll down below for the Powerpoint presentations available from the Think Outcomes conference.


Leadership Workshop-Professor Kristy Muir

Executive Stream (Culture and Leadership) building a culture and excercising leadership for achieving social purpose.

Outcomes Workshop- Kevin Robbie

Outcome Papers- Measuring, improving and achieving outcomes.

Plenary Address- Dr Tim Reddel

From outcomes based policy design to evidenced based implementation

Key note Address- Shamal Dass

Scaling for Transformative Impact

Plenary Address - Kris Peach

A discussion of AASB Exposure Draft (ED260) which includes the requirement for not-for-profit organisations to include outcome measurement in their annual report

Workshop-The Golden Thread methodology

The Golden Thread methodology is a visual way to articulate program logic statements – the indispensable tools for describing how our activities lead to the impact we seek.

Workshop- Navigating the Impact Measurement Space

This workshop aims to assist the process of measuring outcomes

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